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‘More Immersive, More Interactive, More Innovation’
Blockchain Live 2019 strives to bring blockchain to life through immersive new features showcasing examples of real-world application and increased engagement opportunities to make the connections needed to expedite adoption.

Back to basics! The complex issues surrounding blockchain and the opaque language of technology will be decoded & translated for those who are not naturally tech minded. Come to the Training Studio and have all your questions answered.

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A laid-back area where developers can relax and network with technical blockchain experts with regular demonstrations of the latest developer tools and protocols throughout the day.

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Blockchain in Action will provide visitors with the most innovative and disruptive examples of where blockchain and DLT has been successfully implemented across industry.

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Sit down with our exhibitors to find out about the latest product or solution that can help you move beyond proof of concept to real world solutions.

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The perfect setting for informal discussions and networking over a beer or two…

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Digital Trust

  • Regulation
  • Security
  • Compliance/Regulations
  • Ethics
  • Track, Tractability + Transparency
  • Fraud + Identity

Distributed Disruption

  • Business Innovation
  • Opportunities of Digitisation
  • Consumer Empowerment
  • Challenges + Competition
  • New Business Models
  • New/Emerging Markets

Future Regulation

  • Taxation
  • Future Payments
  • Jurisdictions & Border Assets
  • KYC + AML
  • Defining the Future Landscape
  • Risk

Future-Proof Business

  • Convergence
  • Legacy Integration
  • Interoperability
  • Scaleability
  • Implementation

Operational Efficiency

  • Blockchain as a Service
  • Blockchain Enabled Compliance
  • Business Automation
  • Cost Reduction
  • Smart Contracts
  • Reg Tech

Token Economics

  • Tokenisation
  • Future of Money
  • Taxation
  • Future Payments


New Content Stages for Blockchain Live 2019

As blockchain & DLT adoption gathers pace Blockchain Live is evolving and refocusing our content to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the changing landscape to help take blockchain to the mainstream.

Blockchain Live Business Summit will bring together C-Level decision makers, business leaders and company owners to explore real world application stories across a range of industry verticals

Through peer-led case studies, lively panel discussions and inspirational keynote talks those attending with examine how to overcome adoption challenges and embrace new business opportunities presented by blockchain & DLT.

This stage will bring together board-level technical leaders to explore the technological challenges and opportunities presented by blockchain & DLT and benefits to information security, sharing and management.

Attendees will evaluate differences between leading platforms, developer tools and protocols while also exploring the greater benefits that can be achieved through convergence with other emerging frontier technologies.


This stage brings together early adopters and industry innovators from across financial services and fintech to explore how blockchain and DLT are being used to revolutionise transactions, trading and business operations.

Through keynote presentations, interactive case studies and lively panel discussions attendees will evaluate real world examples of blockchain application and how it is driving efficiency, security and interoperability.

This stage will attract Institutional Crypto and Blockchain delegates, OTC, Exchanges, Custodians, Prime Brokers, Hedge Funds & more.


Crypto Impact brings together industry innovators, crypto enthusiasts and forward-thinking investors to explore what is next in the world of crypto and what this emerging marketplace means for traditional markets and industries.

Exploring asset tokenisation, crypto regulation, future cryptonomics and life beyond the ‘crypto winter’ this stage will inspire and challenge with interactive presentations from those at the forefront of this exciting industry.

This stage will attract Institutional Crypto and Blockchain delegates, OTC, Exchanges, Custodians, Prime Brokers, Hedge Funds & more.


GovChain brings together policy makers, technology leaders and transactions specialists from international governments to examine how blockchain & DLT are revolutionising public service delivery across the globe.

Attendees will examine examples of blockchain application across areas such as land registry, voting, data sharing, taxation and international aid and the important role of government in leading blockchain and crypto regulation.

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