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Why you should Attend Blockchain Live

Whether you are a complete novice looking to better understand what blockchain is or a seasoned blockchain developer, implementer or investor, Blockchain Live is THE blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) event for you. Unlike other blockchain events we focus on delivering top quality content that showcases real life use cases of how blockchain is revolutionising businesses, governments and the lives of citizens globally.

Who You Will Meet & Learn From This Year

Why Get A VIP Ticket?

Blockchain technology is expected to revolutionise the world as we know it, much like the widespread adoption of the internet in the late 90s. Imagine truly understanding about the internet five years  ahead of your competitors back then? How would you have used that information to your advantage? That is what attending Blockchain Live will do for you. It will give you a glimpse of how blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology is shaping future business models.

To present this information we have two theatres; Blockchain Leaders’ Summit and C-Suit Strategy Stage.

Blockchain Leaders’ Summit:

What is it?

Attend this theatre if you want to meet the people shaping blockchain and learn what the future holds for this technology and how it will shape the world. Blockchain Leaders’ Summit brings together industry heavyweights, trailblazers and public figures who hold the key to blockchain’s future to inspire confidence, build legitimacy and sketch a road-map for blockchain adoption for years to come. No stage in London has ever hosted this many of the people shaping the future of blockchain.

Why Get A Standard Pass 

We also have content from 7 Industry Stages hosting companies that are active in the implementation of blockchain, featuring thought leaders, use cases and insight from leading figures from each sector. Our live platforms for engaging our audience include; GovChain, Fintech, Crypto, Dev, Blockchain Energy forum, Blockchain Creatives stage as well as Product Journey Stage. Here you will receive guidance on how Blockchain can transform these specific industry verticals.

In addition to the content you can see the our two features; The Investor Zone and Blockchain Bust-Up.

The Investor Zone will be a hive of blockchain innovators with new and exciting technologies and applications to showcase. Visit the ‘Investor Zone’ if you want to meet ICO’s and tech start-ups looking for investment.

The Blockchain Bust-up is a live debate on a contentious theme around the application, governance and regulation of blockchain technology with two experts giving alternative points of view for 5 minutes each.

Advisory Board

Our mission statement identifies that we’ll ‘take blockchain to the mainstream’ and that is the fundamental purpose for our Advisory Board. Our board members have been selected to provide a business focused exhibition which gives us a balanced perspective of blockchain and how it can be adopted in practical terms for our audience. The Blockchain Live Advisory Board ensures that we have a strategic partnership with the technology’s leading innovators and influencers. Thus bringing together developers, investors, adopters and enthusiasts of blockchain all under one roof.

Who can you network with?

Networking at Blockchain Live will put you face-to-face with companies such as MasterCard, Spotify, 11:FS, TechUK, ING, Solar Power Europe, Swift and Bupa. These world famous brands are coming to Blockchain Live to speak about their experiences and meet the people driving this technology forward.

In addition, members of the Blockchain Live Advisory Board will be onsite at the event. These leaders in their sectors are the ideal individuals to learn from.

Attending Blockchain Live means you’ll be at the forefront of the conversation, rubbing shoulders with the thought leaders, developers, investors and enthusiasts of Distributed Ledger Technology.




Who Exhibits

We are sourcing the best companies in the world of blockchain to bring you a wide range of solutions. This year we already have some of the industry’s leading companies including; EOS, ConsenSys, Bitfury, Applied Blockchain, APPII, Aziza Coin, Etherparty, Zencash, Medical Chain, Clarity, Crowd for Angels, OCI, University of Nicosia, Vanbex Group, Pillar Project, TechUK and Big Innovation Centre.

Blockchain Live gives you exclusive Face2Face access with the companies developing this technology. The global stretch of the companies that are building DLT means meeting the developers in person is impossible. Making a decision without meeting the people behind the company is always difficult. Take advantage of the companies and their leading indivudals being in London this September and attend Blockchain Live.

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