Blockchain Live is the event for the global blockchain and DLT community, bringing together the tech experts and developers who are building the blockchain infrastructures with the creatives, industry leaders and blockchain newcomers who are looking to reap the unarguable rewards of adopting blockchain and DLT into their organisation’s planning and processes.

The ‘Technology and Development’ stage at Blockchain Live 2018 is the place to celebrate the evolution of blockchain and DLT; from a developer’s guide to blockchain tools, tips and timesavers to the latest advancements in consensus protocols and how to unlock the true potential of AI and IoT. The Blockchain Leaders’ Summit will also host the world’s biggest names in blockchain and DLT, including Alex Tapscott, Nick Szabo and Oliver Bussman, so you can meet, learn from (and even argue with) the pioneers of blockchain and DLT.

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Technology & Development Stage

The Technology and Development Stage celebrates blockchain for what it is, a technology. With talks on the technical foundations of blockchain and DLT, we also explore the technical difference between leading platforms. Tech/Dev will look into some of the latest technical quandaries occupying the leading minds in blockchain development, as well as showcasing trailblazing tools and protocols.

In addition to looking inwardly at the technology, we also investigate how blockchain and crypto are affecting other technological developments, such as high-performance computing, web architecture and how it is converging with AI and IoT.

Blockchain Leaders’ Summit

The Blockchain Leaders’ Summit plays host to the industry heavyweights, the technology trailblazers and leading public figures who hold the key to blockchain’s future. Recounting the biggest stories of 2018 and sketching a roadmap for years to come, the keynote stage is designed to inspire confidence for and build legitimacy into blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

This is the stage to discuss the big topics in blockchain; it’s ethical foundations, the birthmarks of good blockchain and the future of investment in the blockchain marketplace.


Key Industry Speakers Include

6 reasons to attend Blockchain Live


Listen and learn from cross sector-examples of real-world blockchain application, delivered by the industry pioneers who have been there, done it and made it work.


Recounting the biggest stories of 2018 and sketching a roadmap for years to come, the keynote stage is designed to build legitimacy into blockchain and DLT.


Network with 3000+ attendees from a range of industries, start-ups and investors. From blockchain beginners to experts, this is the UK’s largest blockchain and DLT gathering.


9 interactive stages featuring cross-sector industry leaders, early adopters and blockchain pioneers, plus the ‘Start-Up Pitch’ feature the blockchain and DLT supplier exhibition.


Don’t miss the boat. Like the internet, blockchain and DLT is an opportunity to radically reimagine how services are delivered and how trust is formed and mediated.


We are sourcing the biggest blockchain and DLT companies in the world to bring you a wide range of solutions. Take advantage of their expertise in London this September.

Industry Leaders Who Attend

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The Early Bird ticket is our full access pass. As a ticket holder, you can enjoy premier content within the Blockchain Leaders’ Summit, and network with the pioneering blockchain speakers, exhibitors and fellow all access ticket holders in our Platinum Suite. Here you can enjoy unlimited refreshments and participate in the delegate lunch, where you can pick the brains of the pioneering blockchain experts.

Early Bird Passes Provide:
  • Unrestricted event access to all 9 stages
  • Entry into the ‘Blockchain Leaders’ Summit’
  • Entry into the ‘C-Suite Stage’
  • Entry into the networking lunch with the blockchain pioneers
  • Unrestricted exhibition access
  • Refreshments provided

Basic Entry (Free)

The standard ticket holder has access to 7 Industry Stages and show floor features with talks and discussions from peers within your specific industry. Our stages and features offer adoption stories that give attendees a sneak peak into the use cases inside each sector. Our live platforms for engaging our audience include;

  • Govtech Stage
  • Fintech Platform
  • Crypto Stage
  • Dev Stage
  • Blockchain Energy Forum
  • Blockchain Creatives Stage
  • Product Journey Stage
  • Start-up Pitch

A free ticket won’t exclude you from upgrading later, however, please note, paid for tickets are limited.