Tomi Wen


Tomi Wen, the founder of DBX Foundation, acquired bachalor degree of Renmin University (Admitted exempt of college admission exam). As a technology enthusiast and expert, Tomi developed DIY-Page software at his age f 15, which made him the person “who made Baidu modify their algorithm”. Tomi also won the 22th CASTIC computer gold medal, the 4th Chinese Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation award and the 8th GaoShiji Science award.

Tomi set up Sequee Technology Limited in his freshmen year to cultivate deeply in customer portrait/intelligent risk management technology and reached over 10 million revenue in his senior year. During the time, he successfully developed cases such as credit investigation platform of State Grid Coporation of China, China Guangfa Bank (CGB) credit card platform and the risk management data system of China Minsheng Bank (CMBC).

DBXChain, as the datab infrastructure stylized public chain of future blockchain world, started out in Nov 2016. It has published the Github open source code by May 7th, 2018, launched the first Dapp on its ecosystem by May 24th, 2018 and launched official test net by Jun 5th, 2018. DBX team is now developing DBXChain V0.2, aiming to provide support for data saving and optimization of testing chain.