Tom Wilkinson

Head of MI and Analytics
Department for International Development

Tom Wilkinson is the Head of MI and Analytics at the Department For International Development, and was formerly a Senior Data Scientist at the Home Office. Alongside these roles he has coordinated the community across UK government of technologists and technicians interested in what Blockchain can do for public institutions, since contributing to the Chief Scientist’s report published in 2016. He has acted as an independent technical consultant on Blockchain around government, and has helped set out research questions to explore the feasibility of commonly proposed applications. He was also part of the panel which awarded UK research funding for Blockchain research in 2017. His Complexity Science doctoral thesis revolved around modelling hierarchical and p2p social institutions, and his personal interest in Blockchain is as a data infrastructure that could support genuinely decentralised p2p systems – like self sovereign ID and incorruptible reputation or accreditation systems.