Sam Chadwick

Director of Strategy in Innovation and Blockchain, Financial & Risk
Thomson Reuters

Sam is responsible for several fintech innovation initiatives within the Financial & Risk business of Thomson Reuters.  He has worked for the company in product strategy and product management roles for 12 years in New York and Hong Kong.  Sam has a Masters in Financial Strategy from the University of Oxford and currently lives in Zug, Switzerland, where he is focused on alternative finance, crypto-currencies, blockchain technology and identity management.  Sam is on the board of the Crypto Valley Association.

In 2006, Sam joined Thomson Reuters in New York within the product marketing and strategy team for Investment Management and Investment Banking products. In 2010, Sam relocated to Hong Kong where he was responsible for the Asia product strategy for Corporate Services and later went on to become Global Head of Business Intelligence, a $100m product line for Corporate Treasurers and Corporate Business Development professionals. In 2013, Sam moved to Canton Zug, Switzerland as Director of Strategy and Innovation, specializing in evolving the company’s businesses in blockchain, digital identity and alternative finance. Sam’s current focus areas are blockchain, peer-to-peer finance and digital identity including work that the Thomson Reuters Innovation teams are progressing in these areas.  He is also available to speak broadly on Fintech trends and start-ups that bringing interesting ideas to market that may challenge conventional business models and processes.