Professor Olinga Ta’eed

Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance

Professor Olinga Ta'eed PhD FIoD is Director of the not-for-profit Think Tank, the Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance focusing on the Movement of Value with 60000 members, 7000 Heads of CSR of the world’s largest companies and 2000 politicians. He is Professor in Social Enterprise at the University of Northampton, Visiting Professor in Capacity Development at Birmingham City University,  Chairman of university spin-out Seratio Ltd which is the largest provider of non-financial metrics for the UK Social Value Act 2012 and Modern Slavery Act 2015, as well as chairs 5 EU panels in transparency in supply chains, leather and textile product provenance, etc. He is Editor of Social Value & Intangibles Review. In 2011 he developed the Social Earnings Ratio which became the most rapidly adopted impact metric in the world to digitally capture intangible value, and in 2016 launched the IoV Blockchain Alliance for Good and the CCEG Blockchain UN Lab to digitally transact intangible value. Leading on from 5 Seratio Blockchain Whitepapers  have been 35 blockchain commissions and 9 multi-million pound commissions including City Blockchain, SDG Coin, Womens’ Coin, Islamic Coin, Leadership Coin, etc all based on the Seratio platform which is scheduled for an international ICO through New York, Shanghai and London offices in Autumn 2017. He is currently heading a UK£ 40m HEFCE Educational Blockchain Passport: Distributed Learning Ledger bid for the Institute of Coding through Cyber Futures.