Naré Vardanyan

Ntropy Network

Nare has started her professional journey at the United Nations, being one of the youngest employees, working  as a public policy expert on Millennium Development Goals for the UN Development Programme. She did Security studies at UCL, where got captivated by the notion of machines learning to navigate human language and cognition and started her first company in the space.

She is a  hyperpolyglot, being fluent in 9 languages and speaking 11, hence her business was around capturing passive text data from mobile to diagnose cognitive dysfunction and mental disorders early on, which is a problem she had encountered working with developing societies with little  to no access to early diagnosis and care.

Nare moved into investing into Artificial Intelligence businesses with Mayor of London’s fund and AI Seed. She has since been an early stage investor, board member and advisor to a number of early stage machine learning companies.

She’s also been advising FTSE100 companies and equity investors on the developments in A.I., data networks, blockchain and other disruptive technologies.

Nare is recognised as an exceptional talent in technology by Tech Nation UK, has been awarded a full government scholarship for her studies and is also advising Armenian Government on technology.

In April 2018 Nare started Ntropy Network with her co-founder Dr. Ilia Zintchenko to liberate personal data and make it scalable across domains, time and jurisdictions. Having experienced the level of manipulation of personal information available through machine learning, as well as the barriers to entry for companies with no access to data personally, Ntropy founders are on a mission to enable personalisation at scale, returning data ownership to users.