Misha Glenny

Journalist and Author

An award-winning writer, broadcaster and sought-after keynote speaker, Misha Glenny is an international expert on cyber security and organised crime. A former BBC Central Europe correspondent who covered the revolutions in Eastern Europe, Misha won the Sony Gold Award for Outstanding Contribution to Broadcasting (1993) for his work during the wars in the former Yugoslavia. In 2012, he was awarded ‘The UK Information Security Investigative Journalist of the Year’, and he continues to be a regular contributor to major publications in Europe, the United States and Japan.

His best-selling book, ‘McMafia’, about the globalisation of organised crime was broadcast at the start of 2018 as a major dramas series by the BBC and AMC. He served as a visiting professor at Columbia University’s Harriman Institute where he ran a course entitled Crime, Corruption and Economic Transition. He was voted the best lecturer at SIPA for his work there. Misha is on the international advisory boards of several major NGOs. He is regularly consulted by governments in Europe and the Americas on the Balkans and Eastern Europe, on transnational organized crime and on cyber security.

Misha has spoken at TED Global and is requested internationally to speak at corporate functions and events. A trained actor, his speeches are full of life, passion, experience and a dose of intelligent humour.