Michael Coletta

Lead Blockchain Architect & Developer
London Stock Exchange Group

Michael Coletta has been focused on Blockchain technology in the financial market infrastructure space for nearly 3 years. He recently joined the London Stock Exchange Group’s Emerging Technology team to lead the group’s technology strategy for adopting Blockchain technology across the group’s business. In his previous role at CME Group, he was involved in the architecture and development efforts in the creation of the digital asset – Royal Mint Gold(RMG), a publicly viewable, permissioned Blockchain representing physical gold held in the Royal Mint’s Vault. The RMG project included creation of a bespoke Blockchain, a cold-storage multi-digital asset custody solution, and a digital asset trading platform. He also worked on other Blockchain related PoCs focused on post-trade settlement and collateral management. Prior focusing efforts on Blockchain, Michael spent 8 years working on software development and architecture for clearing of interest rates and credit default swaps, and building the next generation of real-time trade risk management tools for the CME Clearing House.