Marzia Zafar

Director of Innovation and Issues Monitor
World Energy Council

Marzia Zafar is currently Director of Innovation and Issues Monitor for the World Energy Council.  The Council is a non-profit organisation with more than 3000 member organisations located in over 90 countries promoting an affordable, stable and environmentally sensitive energy system for the greatest benefit of all.  Prior to joining the Council Marzia worked for over 20 years in the California energy sector, first, in the private sector with Sempra Energy and then was appointed by former California Governor Schwarzenegger as a chief energy policy advisor at the California Public Utilities Commission.  Some of her work in the energy space includes leading the regulatory reform efforts to create standards for smart grid technologies such as smart meters.  Most recently she co-chaired the California Customer Choice policy efforts before leaving for London to join the Council.  Marzia is also known in the transportation sector for creating the rules and regulations for Transportation Network Companies (e.g. Uber, Lyft, etc.).  Currently, she is leading the Council’s partnership with PwC to publish the Innovation Insights Brief on Blockchain – how and to what extend can blockchain optimize the existing electric grid and what are its realistic potential for transforming the grid in years to come.

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