Marek Zabicki


Marek Zabicki, Ph. D. in control & optimisation of decentralised systems, has more than three decades’ experience in developing complex information retrieval systems, modeling financial derivatives and developing art management platforms.

After a short academic period at the Polish Academy of Sciences, he moved into the startup world. He participated or himself launched eight technology startups.

He was the CTO of CEDROM, the company that developed French first CD-ROM, CTO of the GL Trade, world leader in the financial software.

He is the founder of LexMedia (acquired Lexis-Nexis) and Neurosoft, the company behind Musnet and GCOLL/2 art management systems.

Over the last 2 years Marek has been focused on applying blockchain, smart contracts and crypto economics to diverse real-life problems.

He is currently a founder and the CTO of ARTE├ĆA SA, a startup whose ultimate goal is to build a global blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer art exchange platform for art collectors and art professionals.