Jenny Knott

FinTech Strategic Advisors

Jenny Knott is both a board level investment banker with over 30 years’ experience as well as a leading innovator in financial technologies.

As an investment banker, she has been a CEO, CFO and COO, widely respected for leading the modernisation and transformation of her organizations and for her knowledge of the regulatory environment. Jenny has very extensive international experience: she has overseen major M&A transactions, led negotiations, and built strong relationships with, major institutions throughout the world, including China, North America, Europe and Africa.

Jenny has been a public advocate for the radical technological modernisation of the Financial Services Industry. Her strategy and application in the Fintech sector has been praised as “the Game changer of 2017” by Global Derivatives. She acquired and nurtured a number of award winning technology companies commissioned the development of a revolutionary transaction platform and championed the value of Blockchain in extensive media appearances in the UK ad USA.

Jenny Knott is a winner of the “Woman of the City, Financial Services” Award. She believes that corporate inclusivity and diversity is a ‘must’ for a successful business and acts as mentor and advisor to a number of CEO’s. Jenny is also a trustee for Ovarian Cancer Action.