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Dr. Anushka Patchava

Expert Advisor
United Nations (CEFACT) in Healthcare Blockchain

Dr Anushka Patchava is an experienced strategist having supported the commercialisation of several pharmaceutical assets and the implementation of digital strategies in the Healthcare and Lifesciences sector. Prior to this, Anushka received her Medical Degree from University of Cambridge, and has practiced in both the UK and US health systems. She has a particular interest in architecting data-driven environments and is passionate about creating a Connected Care ecosystem; harnessing IoT, 5G, Blockchain and Digital Therapeutics to drive data-fluidity and improve patient outcomes.

She has advised a variety of health related seed and early stage start-ups, drawing upon her unique experience to bridge the interface between physician, patient, payer and policy. She has also worked across cross-functional and cross-sector teams, driving conscious collaboration and agile methodologies to disrupt legacy systems and behaviour with deliberate digital design.

She holds qualifications in a breadth of areas including Digital Strategy and Leadership, Data Analytics and Blockchain Strategy, Value Based Healthcare (Harvard Business School), Innovation (Stanford Business School), Digital Marketing and Analytics (Google Squared) and most recently, Intermediate Python.

Her role as an healthcare expert advisor to the United Nations (CEFACT) is focused on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, and her ideas and experience will be shared in an upcoming book chapter on the role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.

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