Arthur Meadows

Software Commercialisation and Marketing

Arthur has over 20 years’ experience in the software industry in the UK, Europe & in the US. He began his career as a programmer, but after developing a passion for the underlying business processes, he subsequently moved into product management and marketing. Arthur is focused on developing the necessary corporate and academic partnerships for

Prior to joining, Arthur worked for Grapeshot, the leading player in contextual data for internet display advertising, doing Product Marketing. He was Product Manager at Conversity, who provide competitive intelligence and assisted sales platforms for fast moving and highly dynamic markets, and worked as the product management and marketing manager for San Diego-based Webmetrics, a website performance monitoring provider for web apps.

Previously, Arthur has co-founded his own start-up Midentity, providing personal digital identity services. He also started the Cambridge Product Management Network, a professional network for technology product managers in Cambridge.