Prof. Albert Veenstra

Scientific Director
Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics

Prof. Dr. A.W. Veenstra is academic director of the Dutch Institute of Advanced Logistics (Dinalog) and part time professor in International Trade Facilitation and Logistics at the Technical University Eindhoven. Before joining Dinalog, he was a senior consultant at TNO and assistant professor at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam from 1994 onwards. He has extensive experience in the field of transport and logistics related research and project work. In his responsibility as director of Dinalog, Albert is involved in the development of the research agenda for the logistics industry in the Netherlands, and in the funding of research projects in logistics. One area of interest is currently supply chain finance, and the potential of fintech solutions for logistics. Dinalog is currently running a research program in this field, together with the Holland Fintech community.  Albert is part of several (informal) networks that determine the research agenda for the European Commission H2020 program.