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Why should I register as an Adopter?

The Adopter Pass is our full access pass: offering the full spectrum of education and networking for those looking to seize the opportunity of Blockchain technology and its application.

Who am I?

A senior business or technical leader responsible for understanding the business and technical implications of blockchain adoption.

What do I wish to obtain from the event?

Cross-sector practical case studies of successful blockchain application to establish what may work well for my business and how to move forwards.

The opportunity to spend a full day discussing tech developments, standardisation, future regulation and how to enable wider adoption across new and emerging markets.

Deep insights and practical guidance that will enable me to develop a blockchain strategy and move from concept to implementation.

Access to 50+ senior thought-leaders, influential policy makers and blockchain pioneers.

Why should I register as an Explorer?

The Explorer Pass is our limited access pass: offering foundational knowledge for early-stage thinking and fact-finding on the relevance of blockchain in the future.

Who am I?

A business leader who has heard about blockchain and distributed ledger technology and has a curiosity to understand more about its potential.

What do I wish to obtain from the event?

An introduction to the fundamentals of blockchain technology to better understand what it may mean for future business transactions.

The opportunity to spend a few hours gaining technical guidance and foundational knowledge on the underlying principles of blockchain technology.

Top-level information to help me understand if blockchain and distributed ledger technology could benefit my organisation.

Access to 20+ blockchain educators and business consultants.