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Lucas Cervigni – Founder/Director – BrickCoin

Most economists think that an inflation of two to three percent – depending on how other economic factors are weighted – can be healthy and stable. These days, people in Venezuela struggle most, with an inflation rate of 741%. The loss of value in a national currency is also a problem for citizens in other countries, for example in Argentina with a rate of 30% or Vietnam with an inflation rate of 10%. Overall, the majority of countries in the southern hemisphere are over 8%, which makes it very difficult for citizens to accumulate wealth. But also in the northern hemisphere, investments are subject to many complicate factors which makes it considerably harder for the average citizen to protect and invest his money in the long run.

Lucas Cervigni, the humanitarian entrepreneur behind BrickCoin, is right now creating a platform for tokenisation of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT), that replaces the vulnerabilities of the current FIAT currency system, and combines the safety of a real estate investment with the liquidity and performance of a cryptocurrency. BrickCoin’s REIT­ backed coins will enable anyone to convert their FIAT currency into a stable and protected digital currency that not only grows in value, but helps more people to grow their usable savings which in turn better supports global economies.

To create the most stable cryptocurrency possible, BrickCoin has selected a reliable, stable and regulated asset to back it – commercial real estate. The regulatory control of REITs is only one half of the regulatory framework required by BrickCoin. The other half is the regulation of the central entity that manages the administration of BrickCoin, which uses a newer form of regulatory framework, that has developed over the past three years specifically for equity crowdfunding.

“We want everyone to have access to the true value of their FIAT savings no matter who you are in society,” commented Cervigni.

“We want individuals to exchange part of their FIAT money into BrickCoins so that, when they choose to convert them back into FIAT money, they will regain the original value saved in full, plus any growth. We want to help them to fight the inevitable devaluation of FIAT currencies and store their wealth safely for the future,” continued Cervigni.

BrickCoin will be the first regulated REIT token and – taking a closer look at the latest developments in the blockchain and banking industry – it is very likely that other tokenisations of real-world banking products will follow during the next couple of years to provide a more stable development for the many, not the few.

Lucas Cervigni, founder of BrickCoin, will speak about “Tackling global financial fragility with BrickCoin” at Blockchain Live at 11.45am.

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