Smart Contracts, Digital assets, open source

CDCC was launched to create a “safe and superior blockchain technology application assets trading platform.” We endeavor to provide a safe, fair and open trading platform for digital technology enthusiasts.

Our internal professional team will work together with investors and consulting experts to achieve our vision and aim to use the resources at our disposal by virtue of subversive core matching technology and matured market-tested products.

With the support of well-known brands, we look to provide traceability for global brands worldwide and help build credibility for companies by virtue of the blockchain technology so as to establish a fair and harmonious human society.

In our view, there are fundamentally two different types of blockchain assets exchanges: the ones that deal with fiat currency to offer exchange between blockchain assets and fiat currency; and others that deal purely in blockchain assets (cryptocurrencies) which we are involved in and focus on.

We will build the first global asset trading platform with blockchain technology R&D and application. Technology development will serve the real economy and promote the progress of human society. It is expected that the asset exchange platforms provided by blockchain technology application projects, will have a far greater impact on our lives than any other blockchain application before it.

High-Performance Support

CDCC exchange system uses memory matching technology to process orders rapidly without any delay and jam so as to ensure a smooth and stable transaction.

Secure & Stable

CDCC adopts advanced multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture. The design of multi-layer architecture improves performance, security, stability and expansibility of the system. Function deployment and version update do not need to be shut down to maximize the operation experience of end users.


CDCC will support trading pairs in the following coins at the very beginning:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • VNT
  • CDCC

More application assets will be listed online over time. If you have an application asset that you wish to be listed on CDCC later, please participate in CDCC ICO to seize more opportunities.

We have no plans to support any fiat currencies such as USD, RMB, JPY, KRX or GBP, etc.

Liquidity Support

CDCC has a rapidly growing number of international partners. Prior to the launch of the system, a consensus was reached with both global and domestic established wine companies, mining investment funds of the Commonwealth, well-known French brands and other major trading partners. After the launch of CDCC platform, their transactions will be transferred to our platform so as to provide ample liquidity for the platform and bring a good trading experience to users.

Multilingual Support

The very initial release will be in English and Chinese only. Additional languages such as Japanese and Korean will be added over time, so as to facilitate the blockchain assets exchanges.

Client Support

CDCC will provide the following on its trading Platform:

  • Web-based client
  • Android client
  • iOS client
  • H5 client
  • PC client
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