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BioLife is building a global bioscience resources platform serving patients, investors, and biomedical resource owners.

It aims to provide a safe, reliable, efficient and economical foundation for a thriving biosciences community. Products, services, personal data and assets relevant to life sciences health care will be digitized. BioLife Token (BIOT) holders may invest in R&D and secure their assets through smart contracts.

BioLife will build a global high-end biomedical resources distributed ledger technology (“DLT”) platform for products, services and data to provide safe, private, reliable, efficient and economical service access for biomedical resource owners, patients and investors.

A consortium chain of ACChain, BioLife will be an on-chain asset digitization and private records handler for patients, investors and owners of global biomedical resources.

Patients can obtain authenticated pharmaceutical drugs and health services on the BioLife Service Platform and receive access to a credit ledger from asset owners, namely pharmaceutical companies, biomedical service organizations and scientific research institutions.

The BioLife Service Platform will provide digital portals for pharmaceutical companies, biomedical institutions and equipment manufacturers. It will use blockchain technology to record the entire process of the biomedical services supply chain, treatment processes and results.

BioLife’s adoption of DLT as its technology backbone will introduce the following to all areas of the biomedical services sector that are impacted by BioLife Data: heightened security and resistance to tampering, protection of personal information and other elements of privacy (including protection against data scrapes), elimination of any single point of failure and disintermediation of third parties (thereby reducing transaction times and eliminating third party transaction fees).

BioLife was started by Swiss Vitality Cells Laboratory Limited. ACChain technology international service LTD (ATIS) will control technical development. The operation and management company will be governed by a BioLife decentralized autonomous community (“DAC”). Supported by smart contracts, the DAC will make decisions regarding the future direction of the platform.

Products and Services

On the BioLife Service Platform, patients can obtain authenticated pharmaceutical drugs and biomedical services and receive access to a credit ledger from asset owners. Providers include pharmaceutical companies, health service organizations, equipment manufacturers and research institutions. When patients purchase health services on the BioLife Service Platform, their health data is accessed only through private key and transmitted peer-to-peer, ensuring personal privacy and security.

Digital Portals

Blockchain technology will form the backbone and record the entire process of the biomedical supply chain, treatment processes and results, with the BioLife Service Platform providing digital portals to the community.

BioLife’s adoption of DLT as its technology backbone streamlines the biomedical sector impacted by big data.

  • Heightened security and resistance to tampering
  • Protection of personal, identifiable information and privacy elements
  • Elimination of any single point of failure
  • Reduced transaction times
  • Elimination of third-party transaction fees

Bioscience R&D

BioLife will also provide a large amount of sample data for scientific research institutions, establishing a shared data platform for life science researchers worldwide to reduce R&D duplication.

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