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The EOS Global Hackathon is Coming to London!

The word “hackathon” is probably enough to make some people break out in a sweat. Getting down in the weeds with a roomful of serious-minded techies hunched over lines of code isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun weekend.’s EOS Global Hackathon series is a little different, though. Sure, there’s coding involved, and the assembled developer talent tends to be in a league of its own – but the initiative is as much about ideas, networking and entrepreneurial brainstorming as it is about achieving programming goals. When the clock starts ticking down and members of the EOS community put their minds to collaborating, there’s a sense of unbounded possibility.

This is what the series is designed to harness. Following parts one and two – in Hong Kong and Sydney, respectively – London is due to host the third installment, on September 22-23. Each event is adding to a growing momentum around the ecosystem of projects building on EOSIO,’s open-source blockchain software protocol, which happens to be the highest-performing technology of its kind on the market, in terms of transactions per second, besides offering unparalleled scalability and usability.


The series was conceived from the outset as a global initiative precisely because blockchain is a global phenomenon and the developers and entrepreneurs whose efforts are building toward mass adoption of it exist everywhere. The technology’s success depends less on Silicon Valley executives than it does on grass-roots adopters. The job of – and of its venture capital arm, EOS VC – is to find and nurture these innovators and allow them to grow their ideas in synergy with EOSIO’s expansion.

Participants in each hackathon are asked to form teams and spend 26 hours creating blockchain solutions that use EOSIO to “hack” unique challenges. Total prize money for the series is US$1.5million and all the top teams from each event advance to compete in a Grand Finale Pitch Competition slated for December. EOS VC also has its own additional programs to invest in projects stemming from the hackathons.

One common thread linking all the events is that the challenges focus on blockchain’s ability to address real-world problems. At the August event in Sydney, for example, teams were asked to come up with blockchain solutions that have potential environmental benefits.

EOS Global Hackathon Sydney Recap

In the end, the top prize was awarded to Lachlan Greenbank, whose winning proposal will allow anyone who knows javascript to design and deploy blockchain-backed smart contracts that can be used on any application.

EOS Global Hackathon Sydney 1st Prize Winner SmartPress:

What does that have to do with the environment, you ask. Well, it’s a solution that allows any environmentalist to develop tools to map and monitor environmental variables, resource-use and other factors, all without having to be an advanced coder.

In a sense, this example underlines the whole point of the EOS Global Hackathon. EOSIO’s scalability, flexibility and usability make it a frontrunner in the race toward mainstream adoption. And little by little, event by event, application by application, it’s helping to democratize blockchain technology. There’s a revolution underway and’s hackathons show that anyone with talent and ideas can play a part.

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