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The Initial Coin Offering explosion over the past year, almost overshadowing the Bitcoin craze is one of the most high profile consequences of the advent of Blockchain Technology. Science Inc, the world’s first ICO Blockchain Incubator is trailblazing a path of innovation into the ICO sphere by offering its investors a unique form of token for their investment. Greg Gilman, one of the co-founders of Science Inc, joins us at Blockchain Live to talk about their platform, fellow Science Inc founder Mike Jones recently spoke on the subject of their work at Science Inc, the ICO industry as a whole and the applications of Blockchain for business in general, which OnTheBlock can provide a summary of.

So what sets Science Inc apart from the plethora of ICO’s currently proliferating the market? Put simply, it offers investors as increased level of control in comparison to the standard ICO. Mike explained that qualified U.S. investors that own or buy one of Science Blockchain’s tokens get access as part of that investment to more than just a static token. “Over time as we incubate businesses and if those businesses also run their own token sales, you as a holder of a Science Blockchain token will receive in your wallet the tokens from the companies that we invest or incubate in… that you independently can decide whether you do or don’t want to hold on to those tokens”. This offers investors an increased level of control over their investment, and is an innovative and novel way of providing additional value to those that buy tokens in the Science Inc ICO.

Moving specifically onto the topic of Blockchain now, what does Mike think of the technology’s value? “There are certain companies where using the Blockchain as a technology stack makes a lot of sense”. Mike continued that if the ability to transfer ownership of a digital object with unquestionable levels of provenance is important to your business, Blockchain technology has significant value, likewise if trust is critical to your business model in a digital space. Finally, Mike highlighted Blockchain’s ability to transfer irrevocable value globally as another key advantage to adopting the technology. In effect, Blockchain is for you or your business if one of its core strengths is an intrinsic part of your business operations.

You can catch Greg Gilman’s speech, Science Blockchain: The First Startup Incubator ICO, on the Blockchain 1.0 Stage at 2:15pm at Blockchain Live, 20th September 2017. Alternatively, you can check out the full interview with Mike here.

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