Investor Zone


Get a front row seat to the latest protocols and applications from those pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology at the Investor Zone – a brand new hub open to all at Blockchain Live.

The Investor Zone is designed to bring investors looking to discover the latest innovations together with entrepreneurs and start-ups keen to showcase the next generation of technologies to industry and the wider community.

ICO Pitch Stage

The focal point of the ‘Investor Zone’ is the ‘Start-up Pitch Stage’. This unique platform will give potential blockchain unicorns a 10-minute opportunity to launch ICOs and put their whitepapers solutions to the test.

For investors looking to support innovative projects it’s a chance to ask questions, build trust and talk face-to-face with start-ups as well as engaging with the investment community to develop future insight and shared learning.



09:50 – 10:10: Chair’s Opening Address


  • James Roy Poulter, CEO, The Reserve
  • Dermot O’Riordan, VP of Ops and Strategy, The Reserve

The Reserve is an investment bank that bridges the new world of cryptocurrency and distributed ledgers, with the traditional finance sector. We stand for ethical, professional, best-in-class behaviour and practice.

We raise capital, run a decentralised conference across 20+ countries every 2 weeks, and provide investor relations services for projects raising capital (community management that doesn’t land you in jail). We can also – in very select cases – project manage token issuances. We are world-experts at structuring deals and designing governance & economic systems. We are founders, lawyers, accountants and bankers. We are absolutely committed to the work we do and to our stakeholders.

10:00 – 10:50: GAMIN

Is Blockchain Infrastructure the Smartest Place to Invest

  • What exactly is blockchain infrastructure, why all blockchain growth is dependent upon it, and why it may be the smartest place to invest
  • Why blockchain mining as a businessWhy blockchain technology needs more mining solutions
  • How we are using existing resources to offer a revolutionary solution

Martin Speight, Co-Founder and CEO, Gaimin

10:20 – 10:35: VARIUS

Disrupting The Gambling Industry Through Blockchain Technology

Varius World Tech (VWT) is the first company to offer Blockchain technology protocol exclusively for the online gaming industry. Our VWT protocol will redefine the way online casinos interact with their clients, by creating a decentralised ecosystem that makes transactions faster, safer and more cost-effective. It’s our mission to make the online gaming industry faster, fairer, more democratic and more trustworthy for all.

Kareem Peer, Co-CEO, Varius World Tech
James Vince, CTO and Senior Developer, Varius World Tech

10:55 – 11:10: Catalyst Protocol

Catalyst Protocol And The Decentralised Future For Digital Content Distribution

  • The numbered days of the dominance of closed platforms like Steam and Netflix
  • Games, movies, music, eBooks and the P2P paradigm shift
  • Distributed trust, incentivised rewards and Blockchain vs DAG

Catalyst is a decentralised digital content distribution protocol for games, movies, music, and books. It is a meritocratic distributed trust content ecosystem that liberates content creators from incumbent closed platforms and high commissions, and unleashes products into a vast P2P network that revolutionises secure distribution, and incentivizes digital content resale.

Ben Hardyment, Founder, Catalyst Protocol
Kasper Hunt, Founder, Catalyst Protocol

11:15 – 11:35: Ott Capital ventures

Next Up: Life-Changing Utility Token #1984 From The Assembly Line – What’s Your Reason For Existing?

  • Are you leveraging DLT/Blockchain? Is there an actual use case for it, or are you trying to fit a square peg into a round hole?
  • Do you actually understand what you’re doing here? I’m not talking about your CTO/Tech team, I mean YOU Mr. Founder. Treat the space with integrity and respect and you’ll get the same in return
  • What are your motives for incorporating a token? Does it have utility or is it just to avoid dilution on your cap table? If you just want money, you missed that wave last year
  • Ok so token #1987 sounds exciting. You want investors to give you money and believe in your project. Put some effort into enticing investors – LinkedIn spamming isn’t cutting it
  • Ignore the need to ‘hype’ your project. We see through it and the projects that focus on this are simply dust and smoke. Add true long-term value (oh and some profitability model helps too).
  • You’ve actually expedited a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a change because of the nascency of this technology. Don’t waste it#

Stephan Ott, Partner, Ott Capital Ventures

11:40 – 11:55: ARTEIA

Arteïa is an independent company founded by collectors and IT security professionals. Arteïa founders are experienced businessmen, collectors, and engineers specialised in document management and computer security.

Arteïa is an art collection management application introducing blockchain to create a tamper-proof provenance record for art, a collector matching platform and an artwork lending module based on smart contracts. Arteïa is supported by KPMG, TokenMarket, Amazix and Havas Blockchain.

Marianne Magnin, UK MD, Arteia
Marek Zabicki, CTO, Arteia

12:10 – 12:25: AZIZA

How Blockchain Can Energise Africa

  • Outline the dire lack of electricity and the negative implications thereof
  • How blockchain offers new hope to energise a continent by enabling easier fundraising
  • How a $500m oil concession can kickstart this process
  • How an investment in the Aziza Coin makes investors around the world benefit from lighting up Africa

Robert Pyke, CEO, Aziza


Universal Reward Protocol : Marketing Is Going To Change

  • Reshaping relationships between retailers, brands and shoppers over blockchain
  • Solving complex tokenomics issues using a sidechain: Scalability, volatility and transactions costs
  • Monetise and gain control of your personal data

Yves Benchimol, CEO, Universal Reward Protocol

12:50 – 13:05: Zeux

Zeux: The World’s First Crypto Mobile Payment And Investment App

  • Is it possible to consolidate the investment, payment, banking and crypto industries into one?
  • How does an aggregator to solve the problems for billions of people?
  • In order for cryptos to become the mainstream, crypto POS payment and crypto fund management is key
  • What differentiates Zeux in this highly competitive space?

Zeux is a fintech company developing the next-generation money app by combining all areas of money management into one, a digital wallet integrated with an investment platform for both traditional investments and crypto funds. Zeux is the world’s first mobile crypto payment app using NFC technology

Frank Zhou, CEO and Founder, Zeux

13:30 – 13:50: Outlier Ventures

What Makes a Good Start-Up?

Outlier Ventures partners and invests at the convergence of blockchains with artificial intelligence, the internet of things and robotics. We invest and partner with tokenised communities that create the new decentralised economy.

The projects we work with partner with us because our approach is to work closely with them, whatever the stage of development they are in, bringing our expertise and network to bear for their benefit. We have depth of expertise in legal, structuring, branding and proposition, crypto-economics and a partner network that can be brought to bear on any challenge.

Jamie Burke, Founder, Outlier Ventures

13:55 – 14:10: Non-Zero

Non-Zero: A Real-World Use Case On Ethereum

  • Non-Zero is a community platform for retail brokers and their clients
  • Non-Zero gives retail brokers an innovative approach to grow their revenues and reduce costs
  • Non-Zero gives traders greater choice and engagement with their brokerage service providers
  • The solution comes from 13 years of experience and deep knowledge of the industry

Hadi Kabalan, CEO, Non-Zero

14:15 – 14:35: Plexus

Tackling The Blockchain Talent War

At Plexus we are genuinely passionate about the tech that we recruit for and the people that work with us. Our core focus is Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and we place into site based and decentralised teams in the UK, across Europe and the globe.

Zeth Couciero, Founder, Plexus

14:55 – 15:10: simplyBrand

Empowering The World To End Counterfeits And Restore Trust To Digital Commerce Through The Blockchain

  • Consumers and brands deserve to put their trust in digital commerce, because every purchase matters
  • Current anti-counterfeiting practices are proving cost prohibitive or uneffective
  • By combining blockchain, AI and crowdsourcing we have a complete ecosystem which can bring an end to counterfeiting in digital commerce

Kaufman Chang, Founder and CEO, Simply Brand

15:20 – 15:35: Ruz Biz

Senior Representative, Ruz Biz

15:40 – 16:00: EOSFinex

EOSfinex – A New Era In Digital Asset Exchange

  • High-performance, decentralised exchange built on
  • Developed by Bitfinex, the most advanced digital assets trading platform
  • High-performance
  • Fully Decentralised
  • Safe
    • Users keep control of your own funds
    • Fully Auditable

Paolo Ardoino, CTO, Bitfinex

Start-up Village

The next generation of Blockchain eureka moments will be found in the dens of start-ups by coffee fuelled developers and pioneering visionaries all hoping to become the next Unicorn. Capturing the raw excitement of the growing blockchain start-up community, blockchain live provides the investor community an opportunity to engage with a host of budding companies at the Start-up village.

Set amidst a pitch stage where animated teams vie to become the next hot ticket, the village will also feature talks from the investor community.