Why sponsor a feature at Blockchain Live?

Why sponsor a feature at Blockchain Live?

ICO Pitch

The Investor Zone will be a hive of blockchain innovators with new and exciting technologies and applications to showcase.

The Blockchain Live Investor Zone is designed to bring investors, innovators and entrepreneurs looking to invest and support innovative projects and ICOs, to London this September. The focal point of the ‘Investor Zone’ is the ‘ICO Pitch Stage’. This unique platform is the ideal place to pitch your ICO to investors, entrepreneurs, innovators and other businesses.

Meeting investors is difficult for companies that are predominately focused on digitally and online, exhibitions offer the best opportunity to bring your product to thousands of potential buyers at one place and time. Having a visible exhibition booth in the Investors Zone enables you and your team to intimately connect Face-to-Face and engage with delegates who are looking to talk to the companies and people behind the ICO’s and start-up technologies launching in this space.

The Start-up Pitch is designed to give companies a platform to launch their ICOs, Whitepapers and new solutions. The 10-minute pitch is the perfect way to engage with the blockchain and Investor community and give them the trust in your solution they need to ensure investment.

The exclusive ICO Pitch Package gives you both an exhibition booth and a speaker presentation/pitching slot.

There are 2 ways you can feature in the Investors Zone:

(1) Exhibition Booth, have a choice of a 3mx2m Shell Scheme Exhibitor Package
(2) ICO Pitch Stage Speaker Presentation and Pitch