The NON-ZERO Ethereum-based platform is a revolution of the broker-client relationship in the CFD trading industry. NON-ZERO allows brokers to redistribute warehousing net revenues back to their loss-making clients, rebalancing the relationship and building a community ecosystem. With a first application for the Forex (FX) industry, the Non-Zero platform allows a broker-set portion of warehousing net revenues to be redistributed to eligible traders in the form of ERC20-protocol tokens (NZO). The platform has been developed by a cross-functional team of industry insiders and blockchain and cryptography experts who recognize the Internet’s unique role in opening up financial markets to retail traders and now seek to harness public blockchain protocols and Web 3.0 DApps to write the industry’s next growth chapter.Non-Zero will engage with industry stakeholders to demonstrate the benefits of joining the ecosystem, which are expected to include increased revenues and market share, higher client lifetime value, and good industry practice.