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Vanbex Group has been leading the blockchain and crypto ecosystem since 2013.

Vanbex has worked with prominent organizations such as the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, Dash, Storj, Factom, Enjin and 60+ other clients, providing technical, legal, marketing and consulting services.

Passionate in making blockchain technology accessible to everyone, Vanbex is launching Etherparty, a multi-blockchain smart contract publishing platform, in 2018. Etherparty is a fully managed platform for any business eager to provide blockchain solutions but may be lacking resources to facilitate the transformation of their business logic. Through easy to use and composable modules, Etherparty will enable anyone to publish smart contract powered blockchain solutions tailored to their business.

Vanbex Group has a clear long-term vision for growing the multi-billion dollar blockchain ecosystem. The upcoming application of blockchain technology and decentralization will affect several industries, creating a new landscape for the digital economy. This disruption provides a unique opportunity for companies looking to partner strategically and becomes global technology leaders.