EOS is a decentralized society built on an agile high performance blockchain.

Although decentralization is becoming accepted as the future of our economy, current blockchain platforms do not scale to support mainstream development or performance requirements. Existing platforms are limited by sequential throughput and are highly restrained by cost-prohibitive transaction costs.

The EOS society is built on a horizontally scalable blockchain platform that provides an operating system on which applications may be built. The OS, which handles Databases, Permissions, Scheduling, Authentication, and Inter-app communications is designed to massively reduce the development time and complexity of building, deploying, and governing decentralized applications.

EOS’s introduction of parallel computing capabilities paves the way for real world globally scalable blockchain based businesses.

EOS is self-sufficient through continual token emissions that fund its evolution, and has no reliance on any single foundation, corporation, or individual.

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Website : https://eos.io/