APPII is an online career history and employee background verification platform.

APPII utilises blockchain technology to facilitate the verification of claims made by individuals in orderĀ for them to present their pre-verified profiles to prospective employers. APPII can be used via web or mobile (iOS and Android)

Candidates are able to
– Simply verify their identity through biometric facial matching via the APPII mobile App
– Quickly catalogue and verify their career history, either by uploading their LinkedIn profile or recording it manually
– Promote their verified career history into the APPII dynamic CV builder
– Receive APPII Work Pass requests from employers wishing to perform specific background checks such as ‘Right to Work’, ‘Identity’, ‘Criminal History’ or ‘Company Directorship details’
– Easily capture micro accreditation, micro learning, continuous professional development through the APPII mobile App

Organisations are able to
– Simply verify former employees or graduates. This can be undertaken manually or through integration (Batch or Real Time)
– Create micro accreditation’s that can be captured by registered and biometrically verified APPII users
– Quickly issue APPII Work Pass requests for checking whether a prospective employees background is suitable for any given role