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Blockchain Live is the ONLY event that provides a tailored cross-sector content experience for those at the start of their blockchain adoption journey as well as those more advanced in the technology procurement and adoption phase.

Through this unique content experience Blockchain Live attracts business leaders and technical specialists from a wide range of sectors to provide Enablers with the ability to develop proof-of-concept to meet individual market needs.

Whilst Blockchain was the buzzword of 2016 – 2017 is the year of adoption and action

Don’t just take our word for it:

"A big issue for us is understanding how to reduce the amount spent on fraud and compliance annually – and how we can use Blockchain to simplify the claims process and give us greater access to data."
IT & Technology Director,Insurance
"I have heard of Blockchain but we don’t use it yet. We are looking what other industries are doing and what lead central government takes. Any event that can provide clarity on that would be worth visiting."
ICT Manager,County Council
"How Blockchain can be used in retail is starting to get interesting. At this point I would attend an event that provides me with examples of what other companies and industries are actually doing in practice." 
Director of IT & Technology,Retail
"The key driver for me to attend such an event as Blockchain Live is to get utility and energy use case studies. Too many of the current events are removed from the realities of business on the ground. This includes the adoption and integration of new systems, what it means from a regulatory perspective and what security issues might arise."
IT Director & Blockchain Advisory Lead,Energy
"In terms of Financial Services, Blockchain is already being used. What we need to do is understand the potential, the full application and be clear on what the Government is thinking in terms of regulation." 
Former Blockchain Lead,Finance

Blockchain Live is the ONLY Blockchain event providing:

A unique content plan providing thought-leadership, lead-generation and networking opportunities targeted at varying stages of blockchain adoption 

700+ pre-qualified budget holders, decision-makers and tech influencers at the early stages of blockchain adoption or established players keen to drive forward their strategy

The opportunity to engage with senior government policy makers and public sector representatives through our unique partnership with GovNet Communications