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Early Adopter, Late Adopter, Laggard? Wherever you fit on the adoption curve, Blockchain Live has something for you. If you just want to dip your toe into this blockchain thing, which everyone seems to be talking about, then join your peers, partners and competitors in our industry focused stages.These are free to attend sessions with insight from business leaders on their blockchain journey.

If you fancy learning more about the nuts and bolts of the technology, there is a free theatre for that too. For those who are more serious about joining the blockchain revolution, our Blockchain Leaders’ Summit is where you need to be. The biggest voices in this emerging ecosystem will take to this stage to lay out the blueprint for blockchain’s future.

If you are a business leader who needs to finally bite the blockchain bullet, then our C-Suite Stage is for you. With tailored content for each leadership function, the C-Suite stage will put you and your business in position to harness new business models and access new markets in the wake of this unstoppable technological revolution.

Early Bird Ticket – £400 

The VIP ticket is our full access pass. This gives you access to all VIP areas. As a VIP ticket holder, you can enjoy premier content such as the Blockchain Leaders’ Summit and the C-Suite Stage. You will also have access to senior speakers and exhibitors as well as other VIP ticket holders in our Platinum Suite where you can enjoy refreshments and lunch a well as rub shoulders with both business leaders and leading names in blockchain.

Blockchain Leaders’ Summit – The central stage of Blockchain Live, the summit will host the highest rank of blockchain leaders ever seen in London. This unprecedented opportunity, affords you a vision into the future of blockchain, DLT and decentralised business models. Through a series of superior keynotes, talks and discussions, attendees of the Blockchain Leaders’ Summit will gain a serious edge for their blockchain journey.

C-Suite Stage – Acutely tailored talks and panels elucidate the power of blockchain in the language of business leaders. Designed in collaboration with our stage partners at the Blockchain Research Institute, headed up by renowned authors and business change leaders the Tapscotts, the C-Suite provides a comprehensive roadmap for every C-Suite function.

Free Ticket

The standard ticket holder has access to 7 Industry Stages and show floor features with talks and discussions from peers within your specific industry. Our stages and features offer adoption stories that give attendees a sneak peak into the use cases inside each sector. Our live platforms for engaging our audience include; Govtech Stage, Fintech Platform, Crypto Stage, Dev Stage, Blockchain Energy Forum, Blockchain Creatives Stage and Product Journey Stage, Start-up Pitch and the Blockchain Bustup.


A free ticket won’t exclude you from upgrading later, however, please note, paid for tickets are limited, so we advise to buy now so you don’t miss out on all of the exclusive content.