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Pharmeum: Confirms exciting partnership with National Westminster bank

The First Token Sale incubated by a leading European Bank

Pharmeum has announced that it is now incubated by the National Westminster bank, one of the most popular banks in the UK.
Pharmeum believes that data is a currency. Companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google realised this. Medical Data is the single-most valuable data-type. Pharmeum incentivises users to contribute their Medical Data in exchange for earning Crypto passively.

AI Networks and Healthcare applications feed on data. The difficulty in accessing this hindered the creation of super-intelligent Healthcare. Pharmeum’s App Network allows these applications to build on Pharmeum’s domain, accessing previously unobtainable information. The listing fee, paid by the applications in PHRM Coins, is redistributed back to all of the users whose data was used.
These applications offer PHRM as an in-app payment method, giving the entire token economy a high level of versatility and value-flow. Pharmeum envisions everyone being able to earn crypto for their data with minimal effort, within their network very soon.

The National Westminster bank, owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland, is taking one of its first ventures into Blockchain through the Pharmeum project. The incubation includes pilots, introductions to the bank’s vast number of partners, and supporting Pharmeum’s office spaces.

Here what Zain Rana, CEO of Pharmeum has to say –
“This is something we’ve been working on for quite some time now. We’re happy to see traditional banks enter the Blockchain space, which gives this industry a huge boost of legitamacy. It’s in our responsibility to build true value-creation, so that the Crypto industry achieves maturity.”

Pharmeum has a working product adopted within the UK, a functional Blockchain MVP and several prototypes already built. The project has taken a unique approach since 2017 in focusing on building within stealth mode, with a passion to be the positive change in the way things are done in the Blockchain world. Pharmeum’s currently in an exclusive private sale round, with the Public Token Sale expected to be in December 2019.  If you’d like to get invovled, their Telegram and Twitter is the best place to join the conversation.

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