Interview with Atlas City Part 2 - Blockchain Live

Interview with Atlas City Part 2

Blockchain Live interview with Atlas City

Chris Justice and Darren Preistnall talk to Blockchain Live about Catalyst Network.




Catalyst video 2:

Where will blockchain have the biggest impact? What industries are most likely to see transformation and innovation?
We sat down with Blockchain Live partners, Atlas City, to discuss the new, decentralised business models that blockchain will enable.
From supply chain and provenance to recycling, Chris Justice and Darren Priestnall have big visions for the inevitable change and new directions that blockchain and DLT will push us in. Watch our video to find out exactly how blockchain will change the energy trade industry, and how the media industry will benefit from the ability to efficiently control data, and reap the full rewards from the value of their content.

As Chris Justice points out, the opportunities for innovation are huge, but we are still early on in the blockchain journey:
“This industry of blockchain and distributed ledger and distributed computing more broadly is still at a very early stage. And I think at this stage, its really important for people to be able to come together at an event like Blockchain Live, to be able to share their experiences, to talk about the projects they’re working on, to make the connections between something that we might be doing and somebody that has a need for what Catalyst can do for them. So, it’s a really important event, I think, especially at this stage of the development of the industry.”

You can find out more from both Chris and Darren at Blockchain Live, 25th September 2019. Join Chris Justice to discuss empowering the decentralised web on the Business Summit, and catch Darren Priestnall on the Tech Connect stage, taking a look at the ongoing advancements in DLT in a panel entitled Myth Busting: Ending the Hangover of Early Blockchain.



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