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Do Cryptocurrencies require international regulation to thrive?

Digital Assets have an image problem: though interest remained strong throughout 2017-2018, many have dismissed the concept of cryptocurrencies as merely a tool for criminals to hide money, leading to a major crash in value in September last year.

But cryptocurrencies and compliance are not incompatible, and there are many who still argue that virtual assets are the future of the financial world. With a force as strong as Facebook behind it, crypto is back in the spotlight – some have even claimed Facebook’s Libra will become stronger than the US dollar.

Many jurisdictions and regulators have seen that they have a duty to protect both issuers and investors from fraud and deception within the crypto world. More than that, they play a role in affording compliant crypto companies the credibility that they need to thrive.

But how do we coordinate a global approach to this regulation? Is the existing regulatory framework appropriate for the digitalisation of assets? How do we establish regulation that does not stifle innovation, particularly in such a fast-paced industry?

We take a look at how the community is coming together – from crypto companies to regulators, legislators, and members of the established financial world – to shape the regulation necessary to build the new face of crypto.

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