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Managing Supply Chains with Blockchain

Whether a large corporation or small boutique, the world’s supply chains have become exponentially complicated.

From retail to logistics, better management of the data, and improved access to information from these processes would lead to more efficiency, and an opportunity to save vast amounts of money. More than that, once the situation is clearer there is a better chance of ‘cleaning up’ the value chain from the corporate responsibility point of view, whether environmental impact or human rights abuses.

This first relies on better coordination with all parties in the supply chain, and indeed a standardisation of data. But this is a luxury for small companies without the budget. As for large conglomerates, the larger the supply chain the more opaque the system becomes.

Blockchain may well be the solution to the traceability issues within supply chains. With each activity recorded in an immutable manner, product journeys can be tracked. Smart contracts can allow for automated transactions. More trust in the verified data means a better analysis of process and more room for improvement.

Blockchain Live takes a look at how blockchain is shaking up supply chain management, who is already using blockchain to improve their SCM, and challenges lie ahead for implementation.

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Managing supply chain with blockchain

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