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White Paper – Cryptocurreny Regulations

As some nations cool on the principles of globalisation, and headlines are filled with stories about trade wars and import tariffs, one thing is abundantly clear: from Brexit to the US-Sino trade war, wherever you stand on the political spectrum, the world’s supply chains have become exponentially longer and more complex in the era of globalisation, and their fragility is exposed as soon as their operation becomes uncertain.

From raw materials to software applications, a change in one area of the supply chain can have huge ramifications further down the line. Components for common products come from dozens of suppliers in multiple locations, and pass through hundreds of processes in a relatively opaque manner.

At the same time, manufacturers demand “just in time” delivery of parts, with an ever-more efficient ordering practices. Online retail giants want to be able to optimise every square metre of shipping space and accelerate the delivery of goods to customers, cutting out middlemen wherever possible. Doctors fret about the quality of medicines, and everyone worries about fake and counterfeit products. Industry has a self-confessed problem when managing the supply chain. And for many of the issues, the solution could well be blockchain.


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Cryptocurreny Regulation

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